Classical Georgian Garden Dublin

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Design and build of Classical Georgian Dublin Garden
This was a garden restoration in south Dublin. An old and an established back garden. was redesigned to compliment the properties era.An old orchard had given an abundance of apples each year and two trees were restored during build.The walls were restored to original style by a conservations specification and brief for repairing in dehydrated hydraulic lime.The walls were recapped in granite which was originally quarried locally from Dalkey quarry.
The Design is symmetric and seperated into three areas on three different levels.The centre piece is an armillary sphere set on a limestone column.
Granite peebles defines path.
Limestone patio
The Garden was designed in a full three dimensional plan (3D) which allowed client to see there future garden in actual construction in their back garden and allowed them to walk around it.

View Design in Full 3D here: