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    Ambient DJ-set for chilly mornings. Music: Moesko Photography: Tamás Andok
Moesko: Mountain Field Mole
Ambient compilation (2012)ambient.blog.hu
"Imagine a foggy morning when you get up much earlier than usual. Everybody's still asleep, even the nature outside. The temperature is not that cold, but it's not much above zero. There's no wind or rain, there's stillness. This is how this ambient compilation starts, and this is how it ends. Between the two, you'll find yourself in a soundscape of calm and gentle waking period at the beginning, then a hint of floating shoegaze loops, which is followed by the finest contemporary pioneers of classical-style ambient.
The mix culminates in a deep listening process with rather nightly and spacey, but somehow still heartwarming titles at the end. The basic attitude I wanted to achieve with this ambient set is contemplation. No matter where, if you find a quiet place, join this instrospective one-hour compilation, and discover the values of landscapes in front of and behind your eyelids. These pictures express quite precisely what feelings and visions winter ambient music generates in me, and I guess, in many."

Mix / Text: Péter Farkas
Photography: Tamás Andok