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    Packaging sustainable design
Milky Lane
Packaging design for Goldpack
This is a project for my 3rd year.  This was a project for the annual Student Goldpack awards ( Packaging design competition ).  We had to choose a fast food chain to redo their packaging by making it more eco-friendly.  I choose Milkylane.  AlthoughMilky Lane’s take-ways packaging is of good design but it lacks - in any form -of informing their consumers about recycling. Milky Lane’s present slogan is – enjoying life, like youenjoy our ice cream. But I say –enjoy our food guilt free with our eco-friendly packaging.  I made it more sustainable by using only two colors but I still made it fun for my target market by using the red&blue 3D effect.
Poster: The poster isprinted on newspaper paper, and when one looks at it with the 3D glasses, thepage comes to life. The poster canbe used as a placemat or the sugar packets can be wrap inside.
The cheese griller box: In flatten size the box is 290 mm x 295mm. The box holds a savourybake. The minimum paper was usedso that this box is easy to carry but also protecting the food. A wooden knife and fork is put into thetwo ends to serve as a handle.
The milkshake/sodacarrier: In flatten size thecarrier is 385mm x 250mm, with two places to hold two cups. The cut-out for the cups (the two roundcircles) can used as coasters. Thefont of the package consists out of the 3D glass, that the consumer can cutout. By making the glasses part ofthe packaging, I enforce the reuse idea, thus making the packaging moresustainable. The package alsolends a place to put a wooden spoon (for those double thick milkshake) or itcan be a place to put the straws for the sodas. With this package it is now easy to carry two cups, butis also a fun/interactive forchildren.
The coffee cup sleeve: In flattensize the sleeve is 332 mm x 128 mm. This packaging has multiple purposes – being a cup sleeve and being aholder for a muffin or donut. Also, when opened, one can place your muffin/donut, serving as aplacemat so that children can be less messy in enjoying their food. The coffee then also holds your “bake”nice and warm.