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    Un fragmento de la serie de once ilustraciones realizadas para el evento "Not I, Homenaje a Samuel Beckett"
Not I
Tribute to Samuel Beckett & Expo/  Aguascalientes, Méx.
Loneliness is a Theme in Happy Days//

[...] Samuel Beckett's humorously dark and ambiguous play, Happy Days, takes the idea of optimism to an extreme level. In the wake of impending death, the main character Winnie still believes that happy days are still ahead for her [...] Winnie escapes her loneliness by adhering strictly to her everyday routines and by taking great care of the inanimate objects she uses - a comb, toothbrush, lipstick, a nail file, and a revolver which she kisses. By treating these items almost like pets, she relieves her anxiety that she is alone. Although Willie is close to her physically, they are separated because she's stuck in a mound of dirt and they barely communicate. At times, Winnie even looks to to the audience for companionshp.

// Text by David Wesley

I was invited to illustrate some Samuel Beckett texts by a group of artist of Aguascalientes, Méx. on August 2011.