Creating a conference is no easy task, thinking of all the compnents that go into an entire three days worth of events is daunting to say the least. With this project our goal was to pick a country and highlight its largest environmental and societal problems. Our first task was to make a matrix display of all these problems and cross section them with eachother to get to the most jarring issues. The next task was to pick a location and conference center where we would have our 3 day extravaganza.

From here we had to develop absolutely everything one would need for a conference. The exterior signage, the interior signage, the tote bags, the iphone app, the ipad app, etc. Every aspect had to be realized and thought of, all in the vain of our conference attitude. It was an enormous undertaking but seeing everything come together in the very last minutes really gave me a sense of accomplishment I havent felt very often.
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Friday's scheduled events
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Bio page on Keynote Speaker Vladimir Putin
Bio page on Keynote Speaker Yulia Tymoshenko
Bio page on Keynote Speaker Jens Stoltenberg
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Map and speaker bio, here you can actually track what conferences are happening where and find your way to all of them based around your schedule.
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