In the year after an earthquake devastated Nepal’s mountain villages and rich lowland culture, recovery efforts have been swift and significant. Now, Nepal’s people urgently need tourism to return. To restart Nepal’s tourist economy, the world needs to see beyond last year’s destruction to the country's enduring beauty. Inverting our usual relationship with a production partner, STRUCK was approached by Camp4 Collective to bring to life an idea to help bring tourism back to Nepal.

We created a website and a social campaign that allow people to get ideas about traveling to Nepal, to share their own stories and imagery about why they love Nepal, and to purchase merchandise, with all proceeds going towards rebuilding efforts. The campaign launched on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake, with brands like Google Maps and The North Face, as well as celebrities like Jared Leto and Josh Brolin sharing it in the first 24-hours alone.
Nepal, I Love You. | STRUCK + Camp4 Collective