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    Logos about animals...
...when the nature is a source of inspiration...

Things around me are always a great source of inspiration. Animals in particular are among the most exploited in logo design so it's always difficult to integrate them into a logo in a creative and effective way.
Zebra Stripes: representing a zebra through a black strip that wraps around its body.
In use by Client.
Limebug: ladybug with lemon-shaped shell.
Burger Monkey: a funny and eye-catching logo for fast foods, restaurants, take-aways.
In use by Client.
Toucan: funny logo, it plays on the word tou-can.
Bleom: Adorable, funny logo with wordplay (BLOOM + LEO = BLEOM).
A cute porcupine from a single line...
This little bird inhales all the air it can just to carry you around the world...
In use by Client.
Fisheye: in photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in a broad, panoramic and hemispherical image.
In use by Client.
WiseOwl: A bold owl who knows a lot about things to know.
In use by Client.
A cute and smart fox.
A funny and dynamic "rounded" O-shaped Eagle.
Sometimes they're good friends.
Featured on Logopond.
In use by Client.
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