Even today, nearly 6,000 miles from his home, Shakespeare is never far from mind for those at Western University. From the Stratford stage, to nearly half of network television plots, to random quotations and quips on coffee mugs, T-shirts and newspaper headlines, The Bard has been all pervasive in lives for ages.  
On April 23, 2016, we again took note as the world marked the 400th anniversary of the death of its most celebrated English language playwright. This year, the totality of his works have been revived on stages, screens and pages in special performances and editions commemorating his life and contributions. Of course, it is not like they ever left, mind you. Shakespeare’s work is continually playing somewhere for as long as anyone can remember.
Western News joined the celebration. We recruited this institution’s finest Shakespeare scholars to share their insights into The Bard – and play a little dress-up.
A special thanks to the authors (and actors) for their contributions, as well as to Jo Jennings and Helga Ruppe, from Western's Faculty of Arts & Humanities, who gave not only space, but placed in our hands a vast collection of costumes and props with which to play.
And now, we lift the curtain on Shakespeare 400.