Ideas on Family Today
The subject my book, Unfamiliar, is about family and its future. This topic is important to me because of the circumstances in which I was raised. I felt that because of the way I grew up, I was unable to have a normal childhood ­ the “perfect” childhood represented in popular media. I didn’t understand what the experience had given me until I grew up. The years of dismay that I spent feeling somehow were just stepping stones to help me understand the fact that no family is really perfect; what you make of it is what matters. You can choose how to live your life even though people, including your family members, might have influence over what you believe. We have the ability to make our own decisions about how to live our lives. There is nothing wrong with the way your family is, even if it is not the social “standard.”

My book explores the different family experiences of 23 people who are my contemporaries. Each person shared a unique aspect of their family which shows the variety of how families interact today. Detailing the history of how family has been perceived through time both in society and in the mass media are also topics that I explore.