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    watercolors on canson A4 paper by Victoria Viray
Alice in W-land
watercolors on Canson paper
Alice in W-land is my 8th watercolor painting to date. I was able to compete it in three days, on and off.
When I need to relax and not worry so much about a painting, i use watercolors as a medium. Also, one more reason was that I had noticed that fumes from oil paint were probably aggravating the (mild) bronchitis that’s been annoying me lately.
I also felt like having drawing and painting just for the sheer fun of it so I picked Alice in Wonderland as a theme. I’ll reserve the drama and political agenda for the oil and acrylic paintings :)
I dont know why I bother to put so much detail in the sketch. Maybe its just the detail obsessed geek inside me that always needs to visualize the end result.
Alice in Wonderland was a favorite tale of mine while growing up. The thing is, when you really think about it, its more of a story for adults.
On almost all depictions of Alice, I’ve noted that she’s always shown blond. Why not make a redhead this time?
I have a very messy desk. I hardly ever clean it. Do you guys bother to clean your working area? I sure dont. haha!
As always, a print is available on Society6 if you like it!