Pentax Ricoh
Student work for Pentax Ricoh in collaboration with 1st Movement
Client: Pentax Ricoh & 1st Movement
Project: Branding and Packaging Experience
Including: product branding, package design, posters, icon system
Team: Amy Retureta, Sean Maher, Max Sherman, David Diaz, Taylor Langan

When we first began researching Pentax, we saw just what a rich history it has! At the same time, we began to see that more recently, though Pentax has continued to make award-winning cameras with great optics, they have had a diminished presence in the marketplace. Those who grew up with Pentax have remained loyal Pentaxians, but newer younger photographers aren't familiar with the brand.

After speaking with 1st Movement and learning that it was an overall goal to reposition Pentax in the market and create a stronger brand presence, we decided our focus should be on updating the Pentax brand and creating a brand experience in order to achieve those goals. With consistent branding and advertising, increased exposure and store presence, we believed that these ideas could make Pentax a household name again as well as cultivating brand loyalty with new users.