Feeling japanese
...in the EUROPEAN way
Last two days I'm having a strange special feeling...that something special is going on.

...surprisingly how we can skip a lot of details around us. Just some hour ago I was walking to the nearest shop to buy some food and found that there is an amazing place after factory...a forgotten field with ruined walls, old half-century trash etc. I was going near that place for FOUR years and never had a clue it was there all the time.

Once I red on one blog of russian traveller-reporter about him impression of japanese stone garden. It was so cynic and ironic, but at that time I was amazed by very simple description of his surprizing emotions in HOW THEY LIKE THESE PIECE OF THROWN ROCKS??? Well, no judges. Often feeling the same. But, about a week ago, I found a cherry tree at our faculty campus (or better say territory). It was blossoming. No leaves, just branches and flowers! I was shoked! And, of cource, such a beauty was standing near a trash-bins...but does that matter?

Then, I found few cherry trees on the way home, in a place that hardly can be described as a place when you will be feeling specially peaceful or whatever. They are standing near the wall, surronded by large parking, three roads and a tramline. Even thought, when I step close to them, I felt...like f**ing Budha, YEAH! Its amazing how our perception depending on unexplainable things like mood. I mean, now I should have feel stressed as hell, but those trees make me feel calm and happy. :D

Well, kinda lot of text. Let's move to the cherry trees. For the "true-art-people": it is just a non-edited photos of a cherry tree.

Ahh, yeah, I almost forgot. About japanese :D . In japan, as we all know, there are ONLY samurays and sakuras...literally everywhere. And for every samuray there is a whole park of sakura that is constantly blossoming. Here in Europe, there is no samurays, no sakura, only some lonely cherry trees and guys like me, who might be considered as a crazy person, rather than a samuray! *^_^*

Enjoy ;)