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I started working with graphics on the Amiga in 1989, here are some of the games I have worked on since then.
Justice/The Value of Justice (Amiga AGA). All Art, Game Design etc. (Copyright Douglas Kalberg 1995)
Driver (PC, Playstation). Lead Vehicle art, Mission Select Menu, Special FX etc. (Copyright GT Interactive 1999)
Driver 2 (Playstation). Lead Vehicle art, Cutscene Environments. (Copyright Infogrames 2000)
Rocky Legends (Xbox, PS2). Characters, environment. (Copyright Ubisoft 2005)
Prey (Xbox 360). Character select and Achievement icons. (Copyright 2007 2K Games.)
Don King Presents Prizefighter (Xbox 360),  Don King Boxing (Wii, DS). Characters, Equipment, Achievement icons etc. (Copyright 2K Games 2008)
Little Big Planet Vita (Playstation Vita), 2D/3D art assets. (Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment 2012)