Komandoo & Kuredu Island Resorts, Maldives 
Photos and stories how it all happened
I were introduced to the owners of Kuredu and Komandoo Island Resort via good friend here in Ubud 2004.
Lars & Mats Petre visit my interior shop in Ubud and we had discussion of possibilities of working together. I told that i will consider their offer. After week mr. Mats called me and told that i were invited to Maldives and see their islands and start design on site.
I were totally excited and flew there for couple of weeks. First project was Komandoo Island, where they wanted to build 15 water bungalows. I design the lighting for interiors and some outdoor lamps and villa signs.
I returned to Bali and started the production, which went pretty well.
After few months i flew back to Maldives and there those beautiful water villas were, standing in the amazing waters of Maldives. I have to say that i were in tears when i stepped in to the villa where i stayed. All that hard work was washed away and i were so joyful. Absolutely one of the highlights of my life. 

I returned to Kuredu Island...

We went thru mr. Lars ideas and i started to draw... After few days Lars came to me and said: Wekku, we need here big fishes and shells and all the other sea creatures. I went back to my drawing board and created serie of Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Sea Shells etc. I returned once again back to Bali and Java for production, which was very interesting experience, but that is own story by itself... 

Here you can see some of those creations which i design and produced for Komandoo and Kuredu.

(photos by Wekku and Komandoo/Kuredu Island resorts)

Komandoo Island Resort aerial view
Komandoo Island Resort Water Villa Photo Courtesy Komandoo
Komandoo Island Resort, Water Villa interior view
Komandoo Island Resort, Water Villa exterior view
Kuredu Island Resort Maldives
Photo Courtesy Kuredu
Babuna Bar, Kuredu Island Resort, flying Manta Rays
Kuredu Island Resort, Akirri Bar interior lighting. Eagle Ray lamps at Babuna Bar.
Sangu Bar, Decorative light panel
Akirri Bar lighting, we created sunset colors in this area
Kuredu Island Resort, Sea Shell Wall lamps
Kuredu Island Resort, Reception area
Babuna Bar, Jelly fish lamp mod:1 and Manta Ray lamps.  Photo Courtesy Kuredu
'O' Bar & Restaurant, Jelly fish lamp mod:2Photo Courtesy Kuredu
Kuredu Island Resort Water Villas
Photo Courtesy Kuredu
Kuredu Island Resort and Komandoo Island Resort, third island on the left.
Photo Courtesy Kuredu
'O' Spa and Restaurant, Kuredu Island Resort.
Photo Courtesy Kuredu
Kuredu Water Villas.
Photo Courtesy Kuredu
Here is one of my master pieces ever, this lamp contains two old maps printed on 3mm clear acrylic and bended on round shape.

Big map is from French cartographer Rigobert Bonne.

Attractive 1780 map of southern India by the French cartographer Rigobert Bonne. Covers from the Deccan plateau south as far as the Maldives and as far east as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Includes Ceylon or Sri Lanka. Shows the direction of the important Indian Ocean trade winds and their corresponding seasons. The regularity of the trade winds in the Indian Ocean generated active nautical trade routes well into antiquity. Published as plate no. L 3 in Bonne's 1780 Atlas de Toutes les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre .

Size: Printed area measures 22cm high by 33cm wide. I resized the map 180cm high by 390cm wide.

Lower disk is from V.O.C. Dutch East Indies Trading Company secret trading maps collection, which was opened for public just two years ago.

Lamp is located in Far East Restaurant in Kuredu Island Resort.