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Visual Identity for the 1ª MDGM (1ª Mostra de Design Gráfico Movente), UEMG's first motion graphics exhibition, with selected works from 2008-2011. The videos ranged from simple audiovisual exercises to complex graduation projects and interactive experimentations.
The variety of aesthetics was one of the exhibitions key elements, and also one of the biggest challenges to the creation of its visual identity. The solution was to use the videos in the exhibit as part of its identity, creating sort of a 'reverse storyboard'. The 'reverse storyboard' provided both a background pattern and a grid, into which the other elements would fit.
Using student's work to generate the identity was also a way to involve them in the exhibition, one of the event's main communication guideline.
Following the '16x9 block' grid created by 'reverse storyboard', the logo explored angles and diagonals as a way to suggest movement. Since the name of the exhibition was too big, a shorter version of the logo was made.
Pattern created from a 'video feedback' exercise by Amanda Fonseca de Paula
Pattern created from a 'parallax' exercise
We followed the same path of the logo on the development of the ID, exploring diagonals through the 16x9 grid. Another way to develop the 'movement' idea on print was to have different backgrounds and diagramming for each piece.
To promote student's involvement and the exhibition itself, we also made social media badges. Another way to involve students in the exhibition was by creating an app (developed by Felipe Turcheti) that allowed them to generate their own version of the exhibition's flyers, using a video of their choice.
e-flyer made by Gabriel Figueiredo using Norman McLaren's Synchromy
Since it was a motion graphics exhibition, we also made a 30" ad, which aired on a local TV station. The video was basically a moving poster, adding movement to all the diagonals that only suggested it on print.