Sketchbook Calendar 2012
Calenadar description

I independently define the format of calendar            240mm x 180mm
All illustrations were drew and painted handmade in calendarium, I used technics like lead pencils, ink, rapidograph pens, black pencils, permanent black markers and aquarelles. The cover of calendar was made in silver oil marker technic in two tones and H2 lead pencil.
Illustrations were made in a specific style, which I`ve been developing since my childhood, when i actually show interest for painting and drawing. Presenting this calendar, each illustration speaks for it self, and it has specific meaning in relation for a month which is intended.
This calendar is just prelude, for what i want to achive and what i want to present. This is one of few things which I use for my project called Art Work Mario Milojević Live As Create© .

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