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The Art of Contrast
Life on Earth has always been a mystery. Long long ago, there have been so many mysterious natural phenomenas that can not be explained. Human hypothesizes those phenomenas is the work of supernatural force in order to keep the balance. As human society grows up fastly, people uses their wits to counter these events. 
Light stands for clarity, purity and initial.
Dark stands for mysterious, villain and the end.
Nowaday, Light and Dark is mixed up.
1 – Yin-yang drop 
Once upon a time, Life on Earth follows a simple rule – knows as the Rule of Balance: Yin and Yang. Yin is dark, passive, famine and soft. Contrast of yin is yang. Yang is light, active, masculine and tough. Yin and Yang are two just two originally contrastive entities that created the entire universe. Throughout the work, the pictures will be shown on both white and black background, representing the two sides of life on Earth.

2 – The Ocean
Oceans is the cradle of life and creates the foundation for the development of species and evolution. The seas used to be fresh, pure inherently that belong to the past. Currently, under the impact of man, the oceans is becoming more "stuffy".

3 – Falling Leaves
Ancient times, the land is covered by vast forests, fresh air. However, as human society grows, human has started to deystroy forest and mountain in order to build residential, industrial complexes and causes desertification, climate pollution, global warming. In the center of this picture, there is a leaf that created by two symmetrical branches. Is it white or black?

4 – Bleeding
All creatures is a link in the food chain was created by the nature thus creating balance in biome. In order to control the nature, humans gradually became an exception of this chain by hunting and taming. In addition, human hunting led to extinctions.

5 – Natural Resistance
Follow basic rules of the theory of balance, the nature is friendly and warm with natural phenomena are expressed on white background, such as rainbow, the aurora, sun columns, ... Nature became angry with harsh volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics ...

6 – Pure Love and Ambition
Nature endowed a human heart. The heart symbolizes love, purity. But nature can not prevent that heart from tainted by greed, ambition and cupid. 

7- The goods – The weirds – The bads. 
The umbrella is devided into 3 parts and stands for 3 types of people in real life. The wing on a white background symbolizing good people, they stand to prevent the drops from falling. In the middle is the weirds, they have nothing to do with everything around. And the wing on the black background represents the bads, whom let the drop falling heavily and becoming more serious.

8 – Unjustness

Not only in the nature but injustness also occurs within human society. Although developed over thousand years, innocent people have suffer the pain and unfair while criminals still roaming outlaws.

9 – War and Peace
War is considered to the solution to esolve the conflict in human life. Thus, the sequel of the war is impacts on both human and the natural ecosystem. Finally, war is the main reason that lead to the unbalance on Earth.

10 – Natural Law

The "Balance" was inspired by real events that have been happenning in the human society in particular and the natural world in general. Human activities greatly effects the surrounding environment and the gradual loss of balance in the ecosystem. Not only the species living in the wild but also human have to face to the problem of environmental pollution. Over 10 images are presented in abstract works, authors want to tell us that: "Use natural gift in a reasonable way; get over ambitious, jealous ... Step by step we will struggle for justice and remain balance of nature". 
In my opinion, Quilling is not easy and it is not difficult, but it is important to be creative and prepare every details for each work ... Through the exams, I hope more people will join the Quilling world. Beautiful and precius is not always the best in this field. The most important is the meaning and creativity of people who do it and it is important if you want to do it or not? 
Thanks for organizing the Quilling Contest 2014


The Art of Contrast Life on Earth has always been a mystery. Long long ago, there have been so many mysterious natural phenomenas that can not be Read more
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