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acrylic p a i n t i n g s
"Khaleesi Waits" - For Sale
acrylic 12 x 16 inches flat canvas
Arya Stark
Jaime - For Sale 
9 x 12 inches canvas panel - Jon Snow - SOLD
Brienne - For Sale
"Many Faced God"  Game of Thrones - For Sale
Robb Stark - For Sale
Kylo Ren acrylic - For Sale
Abe Sapien from Hellboy II
5 x 4 inches TINY Dr Strange - NFS
General Hux - For Sale 
Sandman's Desire fan art - NFS
My favorite comic book breast's montage painting - NFS
Gil Elvgrin - NFS
Commissioned great grandmother - SOLD
Bill Sienkiewicz's Delirium inspired painting from The Sandman Comic book - NFS
Joe Jusko black cat trading card painting - NFS
Testing Oil Painting - Poison Ivy
Commissioned painting - SOLD

Commissioned Painting - SOLD
Commissioned painting for a teach at home painting class
Red Arrow from Young Justice / Watercolour practice
Galactus watercolor gifted to a friend
The before...
Finished hand painted table to resemble marble
Destiny The Game Future War Cult acrylic painting
4 x 5 inches painting - For Sale
Fanart from Fallout4 video game
acrylic p a i n t i n g s

acrylic p a i n t i n g s

Paintings by me. Acrylic and watercolor and of the like.

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