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    As content lead for Deltapine, I created and directed a variety of digital assets, including blog posts, social media posts and video content.
Deltapine (Monsanto) Digital Properties

As an HLK brand journalist for Deltapine, Monsanto's award-winning brand of cotton seed, I devised ways to share Deltapine's history and provide cotton farmers with information they could use in their fields. At the same time, I also had to appeal to farmers' fierce pride in their heritage (some farming families went back six generations!) and in the quality of their crops.

I headed up Deltapine's twice-weekly, members-only blog that was geared towards the brand's most influential farmers (NPEs, or New Product Evaluators), ghostwriting for Monsanto's notable national cotton expert. The blog was part of a series of direct communications with the NPEs, and I composed each post directly after client phone interviews and wrote them with the cotton expert's recognizable tone and phrasing. I also worked with videographers and designers on visual content and footage scripts for Deltapine's various digital properties (social media, videos, e-newsletters, landing pages, etc.). 

One large project that I'm particularly proud of was directing/writing assets about Deltapine's storied 100-year history (#Deltapine100). 2015 was a celebration of that legacy, and I coordinated an interactive website timeline and worked up a year's worth of weekly social media posts, videos and other items to highlight it. The influential farmers and regular brand fans both reacted strongly to the historic, patriotic posts, viewing them hundreds of times and sharing them widely -- a huge success for social properties that hadn't previously gotten much traction.
Below, blog posts from the Deltapine NPE blog. Click each image to enlarge.
Below, #Deltapine100 videos and posts from Deltapine's Facebook page.
Below, a portion of the #Deltapine100 interactive digital timeline, which contained photos, video and audio.