Intrinsic Nature: Experiment 12 - ma7 illustrations
ma7 illustration

i'm the chosen one for this expo, so they'll take me an interview. here it is:

1) At what age did you start making art on the computer and what did the interest stem from?
I started a few years ago, by creating "tags". Obviously, I was great at those,
but friends (internet friends, because i'm a loner) told me to get into 'artworks'.
So, I started to draw on big canvas, but that's quite recent, and soon i started to love it.

2) You have some really awesome and unique concepts for your artwork.
What do you draw inspiration from in order to conjure up such ideas?
i take my inspiration from random sources, mostly internet and reality. On the internet i look for awesome artists around the world,
and i found out that a few of them are a bit better than me, but just a bit. When it comes to reality, i look at the human being,
it is such an incredible universe of hypocrisy and bad principles!

3) What do you feel Intrinsic Nature offers you as an artist?
I joined IN a couple years ago, and I think that's quite a good place to share art, meet people/artists
from around the world, expose our art etc. I'm sure that it is one of the best artgroups on the internet. I heard about other artgroups like
Depthcore (which is one of the best obviously, I'd like to join it ) or Slashthree (I heard bad things about it, they are a bit strange,
but they make nice art) but I still think that intrinsic nature is at the same level.

4) Do you have a personal favorite piece from the IN12 experiment? If so, why?
i like the whole IN12 exibith in general, but I have a few favorite pieces like "lullaby of the dusk"
(by system, friend and great artist), "those mountains so cruel" (photo by smiling demon,
i love mountains and i think that's a great shot, really intensive), and, of course, every piece from me!

5) What do you want to do as a career? Is art and designed involved in your long-term plans?
yes, it is! I'm currently a graphic design student so arts will be involved at 99% in my long-term plans. I hope to work with graphic design, illustrations,
motion design, bla bla bla.. (someone will understand it), so, in a few words, i hope to become a real 360° artist!

6) Are there any artists that have influenced your work?
like i said before, i take a lot of inspiration from random sites on internet, but of course i have a few favourite artists:
sachin teng, ghostco, tetsuya ishida, always with honour, daniel siim, and a lot more!

7) What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as an artist?
the only thing i know it's that my weakness maybe could be that i'm too limited into one style of drawing. i hope to
learn soon other tecniques anyway!

8) Do you have any advice for people just getting into art and design on the computer?
i think that i'm nobody to pretend to give advices (=

9) Do art collectives have a bright future, or is it a current fad?
maybe they need more visibility, but i don't think that they a current fad.

10) Do you prefer working alone or welcome collaborations with fellow artists?
in reality i prefer working alone, or with one/two friends with my same tastes and thoughts.
on internet, i never did any collabs, so i couldn't say if i like it or not.

congratulations on becoming featured artist!
detail 1
detail 2
 detail 3
Black Bloc
 detail 1
 detail 2
 detail 3
Bread and Jam
 detail 1
Only fools cannot get into god
detail 1
 Shit toothpaste
 detail 1
 detail 2
 detail 3
the next artwork is a bit special..
i work on it over a month, i studied every single particular of all the composition, and i'm very proud to present you the "fairy fighter" project!

title: Tree Slash
Tree slash
detail 1
 detail 2
big bad wolf
 clumsy hans
 queen grimhilde
 queen of hearts
 red riding hood
 tin woodman
beach stage
 caterpillar stage
 namecc stage
 path in the woods
 street fighter bonus stage
Intrinsic Nature: Experiment 12 - ma7 illustrations

Intrinsic Nature: Experiment 12 - ma7 illustrations

7 illustrations made for Intrinsic Nature, expo12.