A transporatable and personalized food cart.
Project Brief
The purpose of this project was to design a product that would help improve the lives of people living in an urban environment.

Project Description
This food cart is designed for people who are looking for a cheaper alternative to owning a restaurant with minimum overhead. Although, food carts have been around, they have mostly been utilitarian. The purpose of this product is to create a design that gives the user their own personal food cart which can be customized to create a personal experience for them and for their customers.
Disclaimer: Logos and company names used in this portfolio are strictly used for student project purposes and have no relationship to the company.
User Scenario
| People say that the user's food is delicous.
| She wonder's why people aren't buying her food.
| So she buys a new product to help her sell her food.
| She transports the product around the city to sell her food.
| People are attracted to her food and her new product. 
| She is able to gain more money through selling her food around the city.

Research & Ideation
I did some exploring to figure out how big the my cart could be and also went to a couple of places that had food carts. It was actually my first time following food carts around the city and it was quite fun.
A few sketches to help me figure out the overall shape and how the different components (shade, extended countertop, and grill covers) would work and look like. 
I made a full-scale mock up of the food cart. I used tape to identify the placement of the components and to roughly figure out the rounded edges.
Process on my scaled down model.
 Mood Boards
Once I narrowed down the design of the food cart, I decided that I needed to create a mood board to show how the User would be able to customize their cart. I chose to look into small food companies that sell food that is easy to package and prepare. I felt that Mission Minis and Paulette were good companies to incorporate into the graphic design of the food cart. 
Graphic Orthos
Physical model with human scale and some macarons.
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Rex Sercena


Baon | A Transportable and Personalized Food Cart | Fall 2010 | Student Work