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    How I accidentally became a Toy Designer for 7 years.
STIKFAS Action Figures
Putting play back into toys
When STIKFAS Action Figures was first designed by the founder and my friend Ban Yinh Jheow, the toy market was dominated by beautifully sculpted toys that looked great, but could barely be posed or played with. Inaction Figures. Growing up with action figures that only 5-point articulation, such as Star Wars action figures and Lego figures, Ban's vision was simple, he always wanted Action Figures that could strike a wide variety of poses. So he created an action figure with 14 points of articulation. A toy that once you have it in your hands, literally begs to be posed and played.

When he created the product, I was asked to help him promote it. To promote the hobby aspect of the toy, envisioning the action figure as a clean slate for designs to be added onto, I suggested an online photo gallery (this was the year 2000, mind you) where people could customized their action figure and show it to the world. I kick started this idea of customizing toys by making the first few customs for the gallery: some Star Wars favourites, the Beatles, Elvis and a few others.

Things moved faster than we anticipated. Within a month, Hasbro flew a team of their designers, engineers and marketing guys to Singapore, and a distribution and licensing deal was made. The only problem was that STIKFAS did not have a full-time designer for the toys. Through my time making those early customs for the online photo gallery, I came to understand the gestalt of the product more than any one else, including Ban himself.

And that was how I accidentally became a Toy Designer for 7 years. Designing almost all of the STIKFAS Action Figure range.