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    As a copywriter I worked for the launch of the Juventus Christmas Campaign, creating the advent calendar and sponsor it on social media.
As a greeting for our enormous fan base (24+ milion fans) the whole staff of Juventus communication decided to wish Merry Christmas in an unusual way, tho using a traditional method: the Advent Calendar.

Each day all the fans were gifted with an exclusive content.
Sometimes it was just a simple wallpaper or a discount on the Juventus Official Store, other times (and this was the best part) we gifted them with extremely entertaining videos. From unique interviews to our soccer players, to the Happy Christmas video that went viral in a couple of hours.
Here you may see the main screenshots from the site:
Juventus published exclusive video content created to engage with the fan base.
Results: hundred of thousands views, millions of interactions, and much more!
And finally, the video all Juventus fans were waiting for: