DI Y personal portable projector
Personal portable smart projector, 200lu Mens, 1080 p, 10000 m/Ah battery base, tough design style, metal texture, brushed surface, exquisite appearance, modular design, to give users the perfect audio-visual enjoyment while increasing the product Play ability.
Design point
1. Modular design, according to different needs to replace the battery base.
Easy to carry, tough design. With clean lines to enhance the product tough temperament.
Design sentiment
2. Design to convey a life attitude, through the "artifact" this special carrier. Not just a piece of wood, a piece of wood. A porcelain, or a play. I think these things are too common and boring.
Design sentiment
3. Design is the pursuit of a feeling that this feeling is not communicated to the user through the language, the designer is also different from the poet. A sense into a solid, so that the object itself to tell this feeling.
Design sentiment
4 designed to blend artists, inventors, mechanics, objective economists, and evolutionary strategists.