I draw on the 4 cent disposable cups that you discard and they made news. I've most recently won a TED award for my story as an artist. 
breaking bad
if this doesnt ring a bell, youre missing out on the best show on TV.yes. BEST SHOW ON TV.
nope, its not jersey shore.
i love this show. i love this show SO much i made these as a presentto myself on my birthday.
i havent done portraits for a while, but they turned out pretty good,especially since i didnt get to draft things out on the foam cups. iguess going to art school isnt such a bad idea after all. that, or ihave amazing beginner's luck.

because fishes cant stop the japanese from overfishing.
but if they could, this is what they told me they would do.
ya, i talk to fishes. just yesterday we were talking about how AT&T hasbecause fishes cant stop the japanese from overfishing.
fedor emelianenko
let me start by saying, i will never do this ever again.
i wanted to end 2009 big. so i decided to work on a piece dedicated tothe best mix martial arts fighter of all time, fedor emelianenko.
achieving likeness was tough, because unlike what i was taught in artschool, where we focused on nailing down big shapes before working onfiner details, i had to work in reverse, because i am drawing directlywith a sharpie. so i started with his left eye, and i slowly workedoutwards.
the curved surface made his head look longer than it is wide, but itreally isn't when seen in person.
i've wanted to give up after working on just the face after a wholeweekend. then just when i was about to, a guy at the cafe walked byand said," whoa! its fedor!"
i guess i wasn't doing too bad a job, so i kept on going. a weeklater, this is it.

speed draw video
canabalt is quite possibly the coolest game on the iphone. seriously.
this means a lot coming from me, because i've worked in video gamesfor 13 years, and this shit, blows my mind.
the game is so simple, and the first 3 secs of the game, is your"tutorial" on how to play. i drew this on ellery's birthday,at "millenium" in san francisco, because it was one of herfavorite games , so this is one i dedicate to her, and to the team at"Semi Secret".
yes, sometimes i copy good art. like all of china.

when i was a kid, i loved "kamen riders".
it was a TV show that later spawned copycats like "powerrangers". the helmets these riders wore were inspired by theheads of grasshoppers.
anyway, i've always loved rider "super 1" when i was a kid,but "V3" took over when i was older.
i didnt want to draw V3 exactly as he is, i wanted my take on it. ithought, "what if it was more insect-like? that would be prettyneat." so this is my take on it. it is also the first cup i did a"comic styled" treatment to, complete with speech bubbles.yo.

see this cup from start to finish
set of 4 asian tattoo inspired works.
"khünbish" (not human)
left to right : "naranbaatar", "katsuro","sha baihu" amd "deathcoil".
drawn over a 3 month period.
i had myself a good dose of asian mythologies as well.
"katsuro" means, victorious son.
i couldve named it cheeming boey, but that would just be too obvious.
death coil
"why did i do this to myself!?" was a question that came upalot while i was working on this piece. an entire weekend of drawing(alot of snake scales), followed by days of just staring at it forideas on how to fill the negative spaces on the cup, after i was donewith drawing the guy and the snake.
i finally finished it today, (sept 15) after about a week of work. ispent probably half that time just staring at the cup, and the rest ofthe time praying that i dont make any mistakes. drawing the foot was ahuge challenge. i was never too good at drawing feet, but i thought itturned out good. i also studied alot of tattoo works and japanese andchinese prints. i had to keep in mind that keeping the proportionsaccurate isnt a concern when it comes to the tattoo designs i haveseen. so i wasnt as anal about where the leg began on the body. aslong as it is graphically pleasing to the eye, it is good.
i plan to just draw stick men on cups for the next few weeks.
someone asked me while i was working on this, if there was anymeaning/ story associated with this piece.
originally, i had a demonslayer in mind.
so that explains the horns on the character at the bottom of the cup.
then later on, i thought of a poem known as "Quatrain of SevenSteps" (七步诗) that i had to recite back when i was a student insingapore. 本(běn)是(shì)同(tóng)根(gēn)生(shēng), was a line in that poem,and it means "originating from the same root".
i thought it would be awesome to depict brothers who chose differentpaths in life, the righteous versus the corrupt, and their bloodybattle in the end. BUT now i have to deal with making up a story forthese freaking horns i just drew because they cant be brothers if oneof them has horns."
i guess the story is, sometimes i dont have a story for all my works.i just like to draw.

sha baihu
this took too long, way too long, and too many tries.
here's the process
when i was a kid, i loved the muppets. the muppets and other cartoonscame on in the morning, and by mid afternoon, there were little to nomore children's programming on TV.
when alf came around, holy shit. i loved it. because it was like,muppets at night, since it only came on around 8pm. (this is all insingapore, by the way.)
alf always struck me as a croissant.
i couldnt tell my parents that, because my dad doesnt know what acroissant is, and my mom knows all pastries as "roti",which is malay for "bread".
so i am telling you guys now.
Alf, he looks like a croissant.
birds on a wire

bear arms
bears bearing arms
"i want all of them in ties as well," says i gave them stylish ties. oh yea.
as you wish
golden child
self portrait. oh yea. look at that grin, i am a winner.
some mistakes i can mend, some are forever
because i have flaws, but to you, i am perfect

show me love
"if you want to, we can do this together sometime."
i drew this seven times. first attempt was pretty good, but theballoons were not perfect.second time round, i got the balloons right, but the girl'sproportions didn't look right. third time the strings didn't lookright.fourth, fifth and sixth time, it just didn't feel right because i wastrying too hard to get things all perfect.then a day later, i gave this another shot.the back wheel isn't perfect, but the rest of the drawing felt right.i can't have it all, and sometimes, that is alright
 great escape
 her cupcake
no beggin
to river. "nothing will ever accidently drop. not from me. ever."food > fetch.and that is how all dogs prioritize.
terror below zerorawr. this is a second take on a cup i worked on in 2006.
coffee cups

coffee cups

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