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    Package designs for popular consumer retail software programs.
Package Design: Various Products, 
Jasc Software
Package design, layout and illustration
One of my first assignments at Jasc was to develop new packaging for their flagship product Paint Shop Pro, a PC-based paint and photo-editing software program. The corporate objective was to grab a larger share of the market, which was dominated by Adobe Photoshop. To that end, a clean, structured and recognizable package design was called for. This was to include a new branding for the corporations products (in the form of a black box logo in the upper left corner of all packaging and promotional materials) as well as illustrations which clearly explained many of the key features of the product, with particular emphasis on digital photography tools. Earlier versions of product packaging and identity relied upon the image of a young woman as a sort of sub-trademark and this was carried through in subsequent generations of products. 

Art Direction: Andrew Dolan  
Paint Shop Pro began as shareware developed in an open-source environment by an online community. The popularity of the program grew for PC users worldwide as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop (which was then unavailable on the PC platform) and was eventually developed for retail by JASC Software. All products were marketed globally and released in over one dozen languages with all production of packaging and marketing collateral done in the Eden Prairie, MN office.
After Shot was the first dedicated digital photo editing and organizing program released by Jasc. Additional to my work as designer, I assisted with the photo direction on this project.
Paint Shop Power Suite was a special version of Paint Shop Pro bundled with other photo editing and organizing software. Additional contents included a guidebook to photo editing and collections of extras, such as backgrounds, stock images, and fonts.
Through its development of digital photo editing products, Jasc was making inroads into the digital scrap-booking market with the release of a line of background textures and photo vignettes for home hobbyists.

As a premium for the purchase of Paint Shop Power Suite, Jasc published a book on digital photography. I designed the cover and layout.

The last version of Photo Album produced under the JASC brand.