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    The basic type generally includes payment for damages to your car that a third party or their vehicle has caused.
Buying properties such as cars is a good and practical investment. For one, having a car allows you to have a very convenient way of going to work and traveling to other places during vacations. It allows you to reach your destination at a much shorter time compared to when you take the bus or other public mode of transportation. However, you need to ensure the safety and value of your car. What if an accident happens and it caused the vehicle minor or major damage? You of course have to shell out money for its repair, which is inconvenient and not practical especially if you don't have the funds. So, what is the best solution for this?
Many people in the medical industry always say that prevention is better than cure. The same principle can be applied to your car. How? Apply for car insurance. If you're clueless, read the step-by-step process below.
Determine the type of car insurance you want to apply for.
There are three different types of car insurance. These are third party car insurance, third party fire and theft car insurance, and fully comprehensive car insurance. The first one is the most basic of all types. It also has the minimum legal requirements. The basic type generally includes payment for damages to your car that a third party or their vehicle has caused. The insurance also covers damages to a third party's property if it is your fault.
The second type of car insurance is one level higher than the basic type. Aside from the coverage included in the first type of car insurance, this one includes cover for cars that are caught in fire or stolen. The third type, on the other hand, has extra added covers that keep car owners in a peaceful state of mind. The choice of insurance depends on the worth of your car. If it's not too expensive, then you can opt for the basic insurance.
Look for a car insurance provider.
Not all car insurance providers offer all types of car insurance. So, your choice will depend on the type of insurance you want to avail. It is one factor though because there are others considerations that you have to include in your decision. You have to choose well-established and reliable insurance company. This is to make sure that you'll get everything that is stated on the insurance policy when something bad already happens to your car.
Gather all the necessary requirements.
When you've already decided which type of car insurance to avail, your next step is to satisfy all the requirements needed. Usually, it includes documents such as proof of purchase of the vehicle, receipts, IDs, and other related legal documents. The insurance company of your choice will provide the exact requirements that you have to satisfy. What's great nowadays is that the application process can be done online. There are application forms on the insurance companies' websites. You have to fill out the form and wait for the company to approve it.
When your insurance is approved, all you have to do is to apply for a claim when your car got any damage from an accident that is your fault or another party's. You have to make sure that you read and understand the insurance policy. It is usually long but you have to be patient in reading it.