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出版禁止 / Can't Be Published

出版禁止 長江俊和著

Can't Not Be Published, a novel by Toshikatsu Nagae
Crown Culture, 2016

Client: Crown Culture
Art Direction: Yiche Feng
Graphiuc Design: Yiche Feng
Book Design: Yiche Feng



I got a copy of book from friends in publish industry. A book which was once forbidden. it was not allowed to be seen by the publics. It is a documentry about a fame film director who commited suicide with his lover. However, the director die, and the woman had survived. The woman was doubted as a murderer to the director. Wakahashi, the writter of the documentary, paid great effort interviewing the woman. The truth was seemed about to reveal, but it turned out to be a much more puzzled complicacy...

The three proposed designs. The center one is choosen.
The close ups.
The designs were actually cut and pasted on paper in the old school punk zine's fashion, following the theme of riddles and puzzles.
出版禁止 / Can't Be Published

出版禁止 / Can't Be Published

A story of a suspense murder.