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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Store, Calle Serrano 27, Madrid  Project: Castel Veciana Arquitectura.Architect:  Matteo Colombo.
 The store, located in Madrid's very central Calle Serrano, is the flagship store of the brand, and the first of a series developed under the same concept in Paris, New York, Barcelona, Den Hague, etc.
It is a store project as well as a projecto of branding for the label.

Two windows enmarked in the brand's bright pink attract the attention of the passer-by onto a display space in which the product floats, hanging from the ceiling, in front od the label's heart.
Entering the double height space entrance,an ever changing coloured screen light welcomes the clients thet are led to the basement flor through a glass walkway and stairs.

The colour of the walls plays with volumes and invades floors and cilings creating different zones. A white corian 'ribbon' is the backdrop for the products, folds around the many corners of the store, opened in cuts like a sheet of paper and maximizing flexibility using different hanging bars and shelves.

A special room with a backlit image of the designer is the perfect space to display the newest products of the brand, special edition pieces or designer's installations.