Art & Design Senior Show
George Mason University Spring 2012
George Mason University's School of Art & Design's Annual Senior Show was created and designed by the Promotion Committees of the Fine art and Graphic Design Students.

Students Involved on the Promotion Committees: Andrew Curtis, Angela Light, Zania Barnum, Kelly Shepherd, Rachel Newdorf, Dan Dunnemann, Scott Jemielity, Jen Driggers, Matt Small, Nicole Francisco, Heather Jones, Guillermo Barrera, Stephen Westerfield, and Oscar Martinez

The theme for the Spring 2012 Show was "Travel." With coming up with a route directory system the promotion committee was able to solve several recurring problems in past shows for people to find students in the show.
Logo Design by Andrew Curtis & Angela Light
Initial Poster (with student names)
Designed by Andrew Curtis & Angela Light
Illustrations by Zania Barnum
Professional Invitation (Back)
Designed by: Heather Jones & Andrew Curtis
Twitter designed & updated by: Rachel Newdorf
General Exhibition Poster
Designed by Zania Barnum and Angela Light
Senior Show Website:
Designed by Angela Light & Andrew Curtis
Photography by: Kelly Shepherd & Oscar Martinez

By Stephen Westerfield
Art Directed by Andrew Curtis
Manifest (Front)
Designed by Dan Dunnemann & Angela Light

Manifest (Back)