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Mandala Storytellers

Mandala, means a circle. It is a cosmic spiritual figure, which represents the universe. It symbolizes our relation with infinity
and beyond.

Mandalas are inspired by Sacred Geometry which is the abstract symmetry of Art found in nature. When we take a look around in our universe we can recognize those elements in the beauty of the galaxies in space, or in the intricate detail of a sunflower bud, or even in the etching found on the surface of a seashell. Each indicating small shapes that forms a small mandala and from the smaller one we can get inspired to make it bigger and create more. All of these shapes found in nature are compilations that express patterns of creation.

Mandalas can be used as a source of meditation. They enable you to free your mind from all the negative irritating thoughts inside your head, and allow space for more imagination. With this imagination comes a story and with the story comes a fairytale. One that is told within the frame of shapes put together in different compositions.
In this collection of Mandalas, I will be presenting a set of twelve artworks, each one telling a different story expressing my vision.

Qaf studio Experience

Qaf Studio is a non-profit organization co-founded and directed by Calligraphy Artist “Muhammed ElMahdy”, It is a studio, which supports and encourages young artists in the field of Arabic Typography and Islamic Arts to start up their own career in the art and design industry.

I had a great experience as i learned much in Islamic pattern art and kufic typography. I'm grateful for all the encouragment and support I got through working on this project. I'm happy it got me steps closer towards my big aim. 

I would like to thank Mahdy and Qaf Studio for all the effort, time and support that they have invested in me.
The Emperor's eye
"I'm Shrew and sharp; I'm far from shy. I stand with greatness. I'm the emperor's eye"
Lilac's Heart
"In a mystery garden I take part. I am core I am art. You can call me Lilac’s heart"
Sacred Amity
"In my kingdom you’ll never glimpse tragedy or apathy. I’m peace and warmth. I’m sacred amity"
The Venus Sting
"I’m beautiful and burly to the bees I sing yet my petals aren’t curly because I’m the Venus sting"
"I’m hustle and bustle and a little whirly. I’m organized chaos I’m hurly-burly"
"In my presence you won't hear a hiss. I create serenity because I am bliss"
"I'm a little proud, but that's not bad. How couldn't I be? I'm Queen Shahrazad"
Spring Grains
"I grow and bloom where it rains. I fill your garden with aliveness. I'm spring grains"
(Confined Infinity)
"I’m closed yet endless and full of activity. I evoke speed because I’m confinity"
Sinic War
"I’m vile and vicious; my shout is a roar. My core is malicious; I’m a sinic war"
"I’m tender and juicy and sweeter than pine. I rock your winter because I’m Clementine"
Garden Rose
"I live in a secret spot that no one knows but my beauty can be seen from afar. I’m the garden rose"
Photography by Sarah Gebreil and Mai Alshazly.
Artworks are available for purchase as prints. If interested feel free to contact me on email or behance messages.
Mandala Storytellers

Mandala Storytellers

Mandala storytellers are a set of twelve Mandala artworks, each having a different short story to tell.