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    College project: revamp of the mobile application for the Vancouver metro area transit system.
Translink App revamp
In this project for the Interactive Design program at Capilano University, we were commissioned to develop a revamp of the mobile application for Translink, the transit system in the Vancouver metro area. The Translink App was designed to be more effective and efficient than the previous web app. We surveyed more than 40 people, all of them iOS users, ranging from casual transit riders to heavy daily riders. From this research we discovered that the majority of transit users demanded a reliable, simple and efficient application. 

Our main objective was to create a system that would be not only simple and quick, but also usable and, above all, easy for everyone. We incorporated features that the old app didn't have, such as Favourites, predictive text and Translink Trophies, an optional add-on in which users would be rewarded with sponsored prizes and offers, by using transit and sharing their use of the app on social media. We also incorporated the use of Twitter updates, since Translink offers this method as a quick and up to the minute way to contact its users.

In this project I took the role of lead IA. It was executed in a team with Jason Adam, Brian Lui, Lynn Nguyen and Mohsen Rahmanian.
First sketches and brainstorm to discuss functionality.
Started flow of setting options.
Brainstorming of ideas.
We discussed various social aspects for the app. The most feasible and approachable for all audiences was the last option. It later evolved in what we called Translink Trophies.
We developed very detailed processes. The wireframes were designed to follow certain user flows from a given persona. 
Surprisingly, more than 30% of surveyed users considered the Translink Twitter service important or very important. We decided to include it in the main menu in order to comply with the social aspect of the app, and also to comply with users requirements.