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    Project of LED-Lamp "Light PEG"
Project of LED-Lamp for lightingcompetition.

The main idea of the lamp is to combine functions of pegs with light, because usually when you buy a lamp it suits one part of your interior, this lamp was created for having light wherever you want to illuminate something. Independent pegs with 6 LED-lams inside each and two rechargeable batteries can be attached to any of the surfaces and can be charged from the wireless charger in a shape of a tree. There are a lot of situations you can use this lamp some of them you can design by yourself.

Independent pegs could be turned on and turned off light by clicking. Friendly with wet and cold
conditions, because of waterproof materials. Each peg need to be charging during 30-40 minutes for 4-5 hours of work.

In terms of sustainability this lamp is made from spatial electrically conductive material and pegs are made from recyclable plastic with LED lamps, which using less electricity. 

In terms of sense of family this lamp would be very good for different tasks and games, home parties and for any other in-door and out-door activities.