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    Aerospace design - The closed cycle society
The closed cycle society
Macroforming takes place first,terraforming is the second step
As mankind grows in number and imagination,some men will move on to colonize planets.
These capsules will serve partially as fuel tanks and partially as storerooms during rocket flight while approaching the intrested planet.Such systems are obvously valid for planets that have earth like gravity or lower,since our internal organs wouldn't handle the vertical strain and would eventually collapse in direction of the planet's center of gravity.
I avoided using windows for many important reasons:any aerospace engineer would state that in space windows are the achille's heel and would avoid them if possible.i avoided them since today with dome projection systems,visibility could be both spheric or semispheric and extended or augmented via zoom just through the application of equirectangular external microcameras with zoom lenses.astronauts could work in 3d imax augmented Reality,or chill with a movie and a coke(already provided in space missions).If missing earth they could project it in their encapsulated environment and listen to the sounds of home,or why not,go jogging in a hdri city(just like google maps)while running on a magnetic mattress on an alien planet.
Times have changed since the golden era of space artists,no large computers anymore,so on interior spaces are far more dedicated to living rather than computing.Air would be produced via BPS(biomass production system)grow boxes containing dwarf wheat.
astronauts would have enourmous benefits growing under low gravity conditions,since fruit and vegetables grow bigger and with more nutrients(in absence of gravity tomatoes grew 10 times bigger and with 30% more vitamins per volume).
It would be ideal to consider producing food in space even for a matter of psychological relief for those far from home other than the greatest botanical reserch,sending further on space seeds back to earth to see how they react(space seeds have come back last year from the iss but no information is yet available on how they reacted when planted back on earth,and if they maintained some form of oversizing).
Biosphere 2 failed but was a success,8 Men survived 1 year and 6 monts in a flawed system.Mankind is ready to take on other worlds reaserching his meaning while missing home.