A3 Studio, the graphic design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has been commissioned to develop the new corporate identity of Kissthedesign gallery. The gallery, established in the market of post war design and contemporary art, celebrated its two-years birthday with an expanded concept and a new gallery space. To compliment its enhanced activity, Kissthedesign decided to get a new visual identity, based on the early logo’s colours and rounded shape.

A3 completely rethought and redesigned the visual identity of Kissthedesign, the font "Kiss rounded" was specially developed for the gallery, a rounded typography that shows a bright and contemporary style

The logo consists of a polygonal shape with ten sides, that reminds a sophisticate diamond. On the business cards, the "diamond" has been highlighted with a silkscreen varnish to emphasize the exclusive facet of the gallery’s activities in high end design and fine art

A collector newspaper "Kiss My Newspaper" has been published to commemorate the opening of the new gallery space. The newspaper was limited to 100 exemplars and was created to introduce the concept and the artists of the gallery. The artists participated to this project with works specially made ​​for the newspaper.

A3 Studio developed the whole print communication of the gallery, including a revamping of the shop-windows graphics, a labeling system for the 3 design departments (mid century design, reissues, contemporary design) and flyers that play with the recto verso to reconstitute the diamond of Kissthedesign’s logo.
Work Published in Computer Arts / Collection Branding / vol.2 (Future Publishing Ltd), 2013
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