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    Neorganico 490 - Asymmetry in yacht design
Neorganico 490 motoryacht
inspired by creatures of the deep,we achieved asymmetry in yacht design
The T.470 was a very advanced yacht for the time,it was a substatial passage in yacht design,other than a very beatuiful boat to own.
Although,we felt that in yacht design redundance is a problem,such a problem that boats are loosing liveable space and getting bigger.Therefore we went back to Zuccon's initial study,opting to augment space via a wide Body single mould design if going asymmetrical.
Asymettry could be nearly considered an error in yacht design where everything has to be mirrored.
The only symmetrical element in the Neorganico 490 is the hull,all the rest is out of place.this meant desinging 2 boat profiles,since there was nothing to mirror in place on the opposite side.
Our initial idea was most apperciated and considered the only innovative project throughout the entire course,since asymetry in nautical applications exists only in the military,aircraft carrieres.
aircraft carrieres are very essential,dark and ugly,it was very hard to understand how to transfer such disequilibrium to beautiful symmetrical objects like motoryachts.
Nature came to us as an inspirer,many ceatures of the deep grew asymmetrical maintanig their elegance and beauty.
So on we opted to design a soft neorganic object,whose combed curves eluded asymmetrical perception avoiding disequilibriun to be seen by the spectator as strong as in the aircraft carrier industry.
As said,the optical illusion of symmetry on a very strong asymmetric design was achieved through organic surfacing.
the deckhouse results as a soft blob pushing forwards on to the large open spaced deck,the access to the deckhouse is constitued by steps on the other side of the boat and follows the soft design of ther rear steps to access the flybridge.
Windows are similar to breathing inlets,looking like stretched slane tissue.the deadlights were even radically changed,the previous boat infact had some contradictions that are typical of yacht design,where windows follow always a strong and specific design while deadlights don't,looking very unpremeditated.Here instead we tried to keep the picture straight not forcing typical elliptical shapes,readapting some ideas from car design for what regards transition surfaces from the boat's outskirts to the large windows.
tubulars even follow very well the picture,flowing with the boat,adding a strong dynamic directional feel.
The power of this object lies in it's organic research.It effectively seems as it is moving-breathing even if it may be still stationing.
It's asymmetry is a multi dimensional progression of form from side to side and back to front,
who deals yacht design knows how complicated an object like this may be to concieve.

Designed by Mark Beccaloni & Mauro Fragiotta.