The project is about drawing attention to the woman extent of fan culture, by supporting women who say “you keep your uniforms, we want our teams’ jersey” to the male decision makers who think uniforms are enough for the equality of women and men in fan culture.
While fan products are the biggest income sources for industrial football, thousands of products each year on the shelves as a channel of support of the fans to the clubs, carrying the team colors on you as an important value of team culture, the fandom of women who do not understand what offside is and their presence on the terraces, carrying jerseys is a man’s thing and is not accepted by the male dominant culture.
Women are compelled to the jerseys for men’s size or showily, flamboyant products in parallel to the industry perceiving women, the women who want to take part in the football culture is forced to be a woman by a man’s mindset, in a man’s world. The easiest way is picked; the woman fan who want to carry the colors, jersey is forced to men’s size.