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"Beasts of England" 
- Animal Farm Anthem - 

The genesis of this project was the book "Animal Farm" written by George Orwell and considered a classic
of European literature which refers to the revolutionary spirit. In this story there are several important episodes, one of which is an anthem used by animals that clearly induces a revolution that, at the time the book was written, was an analogy and satire ​​to the communist Soviet Union. Briefly, the book tells a story
of corruption and betrayal and uses animal figurines to portray human weaknesses.
In each poster you can find some of the verses listed below. This set of posters was developed within my academic course, and I see it as provocative and creator of changes.
Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the Golden future time.
Soon or late the day is coming,
Tyrant Man shall be o'erthrown,
And the fruitful fields of England
Shall be trod by beasts alone.
Rings shall vanish from our noses,
And the harness from our back,
Bit and spur shall rust forever,
Cruel whips no more shall crack.
Riches more than mind can picture,
Wheat and barley, oats and hay,
Clover, beans and mangel-wurzels
Shall be ours upon that day.
Bright will shine the fields of England,
Purer shall its waters be,
Sweeter yet shall blow its breezes
On the day that sets us free.
For that day we all must labour,
Though we die before it break;
Cows and horses, geese and turkeys,
All must toil for freedom's sake.
Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken well, and spread my tidings
Of the Golden future time.