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    Procedural Rain Sounds: A Synthetic Approach
Procedural Rain Sounds - BSc Major Project
This is a little test video I made and it shows how my Procedural Rain blends with the rest of the elements in a game, in this case Skyrim. This is for my degree's Major Project so I will be updating it as I make improvements.
A couple of things worth noting:

1. The rain sounds are all procedurally made using Pure Data. This means no samples are used.
2. The total file size of the patch is under 39 KB (yes! Kilobytes!) It seems to use 4 - 6% of my CPU load and still needs some optimisations.
3. It offers complete control over different parameters such as raindrop density, ambience rain sound, inside/outside perspective and raindrops on specific materials.
4. Can be controlled using a MIDI controller but ideally this would be built right into the game's audio engine and the parameters could be linked to the weather system and the character's position to achieve a fully immersive, dynamic and adaptive rain sound environment.

The original video was made by Shaduy and it features his own mod of high quality rain textures.
Audio Scene
This is an audio scene I created using my application. It starts by rain slowly settling in, then the listener moves under a glass roof, then back out on the rain and close to a wooden object. Finally, the listener gets close to a larger body of water like a puddle and shortly after the rain stops.

As mentioned before, the rain sounds are all procedurally generated and the application offers complete control over the parameters.

Pure Data

Screenshot of the Pd patch