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    This is the second sub-series within The Tree of Life series
Tree of Life : To and Fro
The Tree symbolizes a very intimate connection between my experience and personal growth. By witnessing these trees drawn on different participants, I hope the viewer will get a peek into my world. I want to show the beauty that we all have. Beauty is the natural connection we have with our surroundings. That is why I decided to place many of the people I photograph in the forest.

The concept of the Tree is a representation of a person’s strength and conviction of beliefs. For me, the Tree shows the knowledge, vitality, wisdom gained from all of the experiences we have gone through in our lives. We are all individuals, and have experienced our own processes and situations that differentiate us from each other. For that reason, every tree is distinct to express the fact that we are all unique. All of us have a story that makes us who we are and this is my way of showing it to others.

This Particular subset of the series concentrates on the Blood flow in the human circulation. There is always movement throughout ones body even if one is sitting stiff it still goes to every finger tip.