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    Proposal from Young Designers’ Exhibition 2016| Present by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
新一代設計展 2016 設計提案
Young Designers' Exhibition 2016 Proposal
We, the new generation, dare to voice out, dare to dream and dare to take action.
On the border of generation between the new and the old, clashes often arise between value and ideas thanks to ever-changing technology and rapid dissemination of information. We learn to think independently, refuse to blindly set foot on well-paved way and take up challenges with positive attitudes, especially when it comes to uncertainty. In spite of adversity, we are still able to turn it around and take it as the drive to move forward.

The font structure exercises simplified approach to reach visual balance. With the basis of rigorous principles of fonts, we write it anew with our own hands. The strokes are imperfect but fortuitous, which computers can hardly imitate. This is what we crave to present so-called “Human Temperature”.
We infuse humanistic spirit with bold minimalist design. “Dare to try; don’t be afraid of failure” is the attitude that we want to encourage and get across to young generation.