The naked future car
NURBS exostructure
This project was followed by Gino finizio and Roberto Belisario.
We were asked to design a citycar and rationalize the concept of minimum,so on we decided to build the first naked geodesic car in the world.
Complexity in car design is a matter of fact,there are lots of elements to keep in consideration.No other transportation sector needs more rethinking than car deign.
So on,we removed all the outskirts and formed a external chassis on a sefety first basis.This instantly meant a lighter,cheaper and faster car(same dimensional layout as a toyota IQ,but far more efficient at a lower price,electric and faster due to lightweight).
we have still strong belief in this object since it's one of a kind,we later discovered that the only person who ever tried to design a geodesic vehichle before us was Buckminster fuller.
Fuller's Dymaxion car contained some geodesic elements in windshield design while the EXO concept is a 100% geodesic framework.
such form could only have been achieved in a non conventional way for transportation,via organic modelling,inside which geodesics are the mathematical scaffholding for all the nurbs surfacing occurring.
A .stl file for clay machining was then exported.This demonstrates that there is never a 100% correct procedure to follow to achive what you need,especially change.
Faceting came extremely useful for placing elements:the arrows,stops,headlights and air vents are trapped in a rigid nurbs wrap.
In all senses we: formed forces forcing form.The large number of folds added strength to the whole structure,just like a solid cristalline structure since the mathematics governing such modelling systems are far more near to what you would se under a miscroscope that anyone would think.Nature is geometry and geometry is nature,to understand this look at a sample of ™pyrite∫ and it will be clear.In the top left image you may see the external chassis while to the right the full car is displayed.To lower electrical consuplption all illumination is LED,the rear stops are normal position lights when moving or stationing,but turn red only when you brake,same for the side arrows.The car has a pale blue illumination when acting on we were able to lower the complexity of light design.

by Mark Beccaloni & Mauro fragiotta

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EXO - Minimum in car design