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    An alphabet inspired side project wherein I illustrate animals.
The Alphabet of Less Popular Animals
An alphabet inspired side project wherein I illustrate animals
This is a poster I've worked on for quite some time. I love alphabets and every year or so I end up illustrating one. This alphabet was caused/inspired by this blog post on FUpenguin. I made an Axolotl and since that's an A name there was really no stopping me. While I'd love for it to be a part of a little kids room, this poster is not necessarily meant to be a teaching tool. My goal was to make people play an I Spy game to find the animal that comes next in the alphabet and for them to simply enjoy the illustrations. That is, I made it to be fun to look at and figure out.

These are all fully vector images that I made using a variety of references (including a book called the Dictionary of Universal Knowledge.) The actual poster is 24x36 inches.