Grow With Me!

Proyecto de Ecopackaging: diseño de un pack respetuoso con el medio ambiente y con doble función. Generamos una caja atractiva para los adultos (padres) y el público infantil, con materiales biodegradales, cartón ecológico impreso a dos tintas. Creando un efecto de sorpresa al abrirse, queríamos animar a los niños a comer legumbres y dar un segundo uso a la caja: los niños pueden plantar sus propias verduras.

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Equipo: Cristina Castells, Maria Fernanda Peña y Andrea Ribera
Tutores: Carlos Calahorra, Álex Jiménez y Jon Marín
Máster en Diseño de Packaging - ELISAVA 2016


Getting kids to eat the foods that are actually healthy for them can be quite a challenge. Grow With Me, allows children and parents to grow organic chickpeas, lentils, white beans, and other legumes, and it comes in an easy-to-use, all-in-one pack.
By getting children more involved in the process of growing the food, it gives them a deeper understanding of where it comes from and makes them excited to eat it. Grow With Me is in a box that engages kids and features a humorous bean mascot on it that grows as you open it. Instructions are right on the box, making it easy to use and eliminating unnecessary packaging. A convenient carrying handle rests at the top, allowing children to grab it and carry it without any problems.
Grow With Me! is respectful with the environment and with double function. We generated an attractive box for an adult (parents) and children audience, with biodegradable materials, the cardboard and both inks. Creating a surprise effect while opening it, we wanted to encourage children to eat legumes and finally giving a second use to package: a pot, so that children can plant their own vegetables and grow with them.

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Team: Cristina Castells, Maria Fernanda Peña and Andrea Ribera
Tutorized by: Carlos Calahorra, Álex Jiménez and Jon Marín
Master's Degree in Packaging Design - ELISAVA 2016
Publicado en / Featured in: Package Inspiration, The Dieline, Siempre
Grow With Me!