This is a children's book that features vector illustrations created using only two Pantone colors and four mixed ink swatches.
Two different stories were assigned to me: Pocahontas and Peter Pan. I had to prepare illustrations and texts for both of them, and then design a cover illustration that would feature the main characters together.
I planned to draw four illustrations for Pocahontas and five for Peter Pan.
The hardback cover features Pocahontas, Peter Pan and a ship (that could be Captain Hook's Jolly Roger but also the English ship which brought John Smith to America) in a nocturne landscape. The back cover is specular to the front: there is the same landscape in the daylight and instead of Pocahontas, we find John Smith staring at the mermaids. 
I also had to plan two internal covers that would feature the characters of each story and the titles.
After sketching all the illustrations on paper, I vectorized them in Adobe Illustrator.
sketching the main characters
I used two bright, complementary Pantone colors that produced a mixed ink group. I chose four swatches and began to color the black and white illustrations in Adobe InDesign.
alternate version with dust jacket