Romeo Reidl's profile (2003-2018) (2003 - )

Founder of Hungary’s oldest and longest running 2D, 3D, motion, and UI designer community and online platform known as the "Public Creative Zone" (since 2018 in a form of a Facebook page and group).
Since 2003, using ArtistPub Hungarian visual creators and artists can inform, inspire, share their works, receive feedback and help.

- Idea, establishment, graphical design, organizer, editor in chief.

- Leading a carefully chosen, professional administration team, organizing, managing and building the community together with their help.

- Organised several 3D graphic contests (with international jury and award ceremonies), 2D-3D exercises, trainings and 27
   user meetings (with occasionally invited professional guests) for the predominantly creative professional target audience.

- Regularly created interviews with internationally recognized Hungarian and foreign artists,

- Shared carefully selected inspirational links and highlighted the best uploaded works.

If you are interested about any type of creative visual and graphical design, please join our community here: (2003-2018)
Published: (2003-2018)

This is my personal project, originally designed and online since 2003. The ArtistPub, ie. the "Public Creative area" is a completely self develo Read More