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C O N C E P T  ·  F I L M 4  P H O B I A 

Film 4 Phobia is an interactive film festival concept, that combines cinema and horror, to create a unique festival experience. Phobia takes over the notorious festival 'Frightfest' and provides the real fans of horror and cinema with a festival that acts as
an umbrella for sub genres in horror. Phobia will host a festival once a year during the week commencing over Halloween, each festival themed around a different sub genre - a different phobia.  The festival celebrates and pays tribute to the best horror features that encapulate phobias, many of which are films that are never showcased on the big screen. Each year the festival is hosted by a different venue in the UK, a venue made fit for the particular phobia. The first installment and debut of Phobia is the fear of the unknown.


N O 1  ·  T H E  U N K N O W N  

Phobia's first installment will take advantage of people's fear of darkness and removes their sense of awarness and comfortability. The festival experience, presents similarities to somewhere haunted - you won't see much, but will most definately will not be alone. The festival experience removes all normality with a standard film festival experience, where there is easy access to anything you need. Phobia gives you a small survival package; your tickets, an instruction guide and a flashlight.
From the off you must use your flashlight and guide yourself towards refreshments, toilets and the screening itself by following the signs and sounds echoing around the venue. There is no film guide, there are no stewards and there are no lights. Phobia hosts 1 film a night, each located at a different screening plotted around the venue. The first installment of Phobia digs deep
into the phobias of achluophobia (fear of the dark) and Xenophobia (fear of the unknown) giving its audience a physical and testing experience. 

* Medical team and assistants on site if required*

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Standard Festival 'Survival pack' –
Physical tickets and delivery envelope
Festival guide and instruction booklet
Maglite portable flashlight

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Physical tickets, flashlight and guide
Festival Soundtrack Score (Vinyl)

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Film 4 Phobia By Daniel Barkle

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Film 4 Phobia

Film 4 Phobia

Film 4 Phobia by Daniel Barkle


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