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    Made in maya
Machines! //

// NOTE: This project will be updated with some frequency. I will be uploading new content as I go to show my work process and all the goodies I make along the way. If you have any questions . . . Shoot me a message and I'll try to respond.
Set up a render with PRman for maya over the weekend. I also did some quick sound design.... GOOOOOO assassin bot!
Decided to try some 3d renders. BUST OUT THOSE GLASSES!
Trying out a biped variation on the design . . . need to finish the arms still.
oct 20 2010 //

it's a LEG!! I just modeled this today, still need to finish the foot.
Here's a quick render of another machine I'm currently modeling. The idea is to match the look of the machine to a style of music . . . This one's gonna be punk rock.

it's based on the drawing below that I did about a year ago.
Here's a target frame . . . rendered in maya and composited in Photoshop . . . This render was about 15 minutes.
My Maya work scene with simple textures on the objects
Just a test render . . .  composited in After Effects with placeholder text because With Windows 7 you can "Navigate lots of open windows more quickly" (Right from their website) What does that even mean? Oh well, It's working nicely so far.

I'm texturing and rendering out the other scenes now . . . then it's editing and audio time! : D