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    More of this project coming soon. Check out their Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kuvee-the-smart-wine-bottle-that-keeps-wine-fresh… Read More
    More of this project coming soon. Check out their Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kuvee-the-smart-wine-bottle-that-keeps-wine-fresh#/ Read Less

The Team
The Kuvee team wanted to change wine when they came to Bolt.  Wine is an archaic industry that is ready for innovation and the vision that Kuvee had was a grand one.  In a world with connected devices and incredible customer interaction possibilities, many people still know very little about the wine they like.  They still go to a store full of random, endless selections and buy a wine in a glass bottle.  That bottle cannot be resealed once opened and so wine is usually spoiled or poured down the drain.  

Beyond the Cork
We set about designing a smarter system that served the Kuvee business model.  Customers would buy wine capsules with a complex valve in the neck that would keep the air separate from the wine.  Customers would then own a showpiece bottle that could regulate and open the capsules when a capsule was slid into it.  We wanted a bottle that would remind people of an elegant glass bottle, but with futuristic touches that let people know this was something special.  A screen was crucial to the bottle and the business as it would display the label of the wine being inserted, give extra content about the winery to the drinker, and allow capsules to be reordered.  

This project was a collaboration with my great team at Bolt.​​​​​​​