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    Involving the user in the process of key issue system and providing him an experience yet connected to the old system of lock and key.
Interactive key issue system for offices
Most offices have started using fingerprint recognition system for lock and key management, but places where keys are more installing the fingerprint scanner at every door is a costly affair.Sometimes scanners behave weird and deny to recognise the fingerprint.
Using "TATKAL" we tend to provide an experience of the old times where key issue involved big registers and making records. In TATKAL System keys are arranged in a "smart palette". Using your fingerprint (or ID Card number just in case the scanner doesnt work) you can open the palette and the palette shows green areas representing the rooms of which you have permission. Once you pick up a key from the palette that key is issued in your name and the records are updated automatically. While returning the key same procedure is followed.
Group size:3
Time: 3 days